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Tower 1

1 Bedroom (874sq.ft. to 1,265sq.ft.)
2 Bedrooms (1,108sq.ft. to 1,684sq.ft.)
2+1 Bedrooms (1,523sq.ft. to 2,108sq.ft.)
4+1 Penthouse Duplex (4,282sq.ft. to 4,287sq.ft.)

Tower 2

1 Bedroom (1,115sq.ft.)
2 Bedrooms (1,108sq.ft. to 2,102sq.ft.)
2+1 Bedrooms (1,624sq.ft. to 1,678sq.ft.)
3+1 Bedrooms (2,318sq.ft.)
4+1 Penthouse Duplex (4,713sq.ft. to 4,719sq.ft.)

Tower 3

1 Bedroom (673sq.ft. to 1,444sq.ft.)
1+1 Bedroom (887sq.ft. to 1,100sq.ft.)
2 Bedrooms (683sq.ft. to 2,248sq.ft.)
2+1 Bedrooms (Private Suites) (1,729sq.ft. to 1,880sq.ft.)
3+1 Bedrooms (Private Suites) (2,275sq.ft. to 4,716sq.ft.)
4+1 Penthouse Duplex (4,373sq.ft. to 4,445sq.ft.)
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